SMIT - Student Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies Conference

The conference provides a venue to share best practices in modelling physical processes, implementation of new mathematical signal processing techniques and their application in the oil and other industries. The initiator and key organiser of SMIT is TGT Oilfield Services.

Each participant will have 15 minutes to deliver an oral research report. The best reports will be published in peer-reviewed journals recognised by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. The best three presenters will be offered an opportunity to have paid internship training at TGT Oilfield Services and put their knowledge to practice.

Our goal is to help talented students and young scientists to be discovered, get their messages across and launch their careers. The SMIT Student Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies provides an excellent opportunity for its participants to share experiences and ideas and have their research results evaluated by experts in terms of industrial application.