2017 Year
the 9th Student Scientific Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies (SMIT) 2017 was held at the Technology Centre of TGT Oilfield Services.
This year jurymen received over 40 abstracts from students representing leading institutions and universities of Kazan, Moscow, Tomsk, Ufa, Ukhta and Novosibirsk
25 abstracts have been selected for the conference, covering such topics as
• Digital signal processing,
• Modelling,
• Temperature and hydrodynamic simulators,
• Geophysical well logging,
• Development and modelling of oil and gas fields,
• Design and technical implementation of signal processing systems.
SMIT 2017
The organizers of the event tried to make it as interesting and versatile as possible.
Therefore, in addition to the participants’ presentations and interesting discussions during the breaks between the sessions, the following activities were included into the conference agenda, i.e.: a guided tour of TGT’s Technology Centre, lectures from the leading specialists of the company, an intellectual game "Battle of Scholars", Kazan evening tour, and a logical quiz.
All the participants willingly took part in an all the above mentioned activities, the winners of intellectual games were awarded with souvenirs from SMIT sponsors.
Job Offer Opportunity with

According to the contest results for the best research work, the jurymen selected three projects:

1 "Mathematical modelling of variations in reservoir properties during injection of a chemically active substance”, by Arseny Egorov, Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, Moscow.

2 "Upgrading a training laboratory test stand for studying synchronous detection”, by Andrey Svetovidov, Kazan Federal University, Kazan.

3 "The hydrodynamic regime of fractures penetrating a homogeneous reservoir”, by Yulia Yakhina, Kazan Federal University, Kazan.

Additionally, 2 more projected were awarded with special diplomas:

“Numerical modelling in predicting the performance of high-viscosity oil fields”, by Aleksei Terentev, Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta.

"Performance analysis of an integrated development model for the Korchagin oil field”, by Garya Dzhidzhaev, Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University, Moscow.

All the conference winners were awarded with diplomas, valuable prizes and employment contracts with TGT as well as the opportunity to publish an article at one of SMIT sponsors: Scientific and Technical Journal “Georesursy” (Georesources), registered in the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles (ВАК).
The jury pointed out high standards of the presentations, excellent competence of the participants in both theoretical and practical aspects of the submitted papers as well as their proficiency in presenting the findings to a large audience, which is an important skill for young scientists in furtherance of their careers.
SMIT 2017 has proved to be an exceptionally convenient forum where the participants could exchange their advanced ideas and experiences and discuss with jury members the practical application of the obtained results in petroleum and other industries.