About the Technology Centre of TGT


The SMIT 2017 Student Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Information Technologies will be held at the Technology Centre of TGT Oilfield Services, an international oilfield service company.

TGT was founded in 1998 in Kazan, and now it has offices across the globe with the head office in Dubai (UAE). The company’s division located in Kazan (Russia) and remaining the largest one and the key source of innovation includes the Technology Centre that develops unique technologies and equipment for the petroleum industry.



The Technology Centre features a high-tech design and meets all modern requirements for business facilities. Visitors can get acquainted with the unique equipment manufactured at its machine shop and look at core production facilities complying with strict international standards.

TGT’s innovative technologies are also developed at the Technology Centre. Its Research & Development Department includes highly-skilled programmers and design engineers.

The Technology Centre houses the company’s local departments, a modern conference hall, a data centre for remote computing and information storage, and a library.